BLOGGER: Confirmed reports of aircraft collision.

MM can conform reports in other media establishments that a aircraft belonging to Danish air force, Flyveåbnet, has returned to Karup Lufthavn after being struck by a German aircraft.  The German Luftwaffe have also confirmed that they are missing an aircraft and one pilot.

Casualty numbers remain unconfirmed. Military Maniac is deeply saddened to hear this news. I can only hope that the JFC will be able to put it’s childlike endeavours to one side in the hope of finally resolving this situation.




Reports of Russian fighter jets in region to provide aerial cover for Russian ground forces. UK Typhoons on highest level of readiness as they engage in second sorties over Bornholm.



The situation at JFC is becoming more and more like Lord of the Flies everyday. It has now come to light that the Ralph our story, Media Relations Officer Johnathan Bolland, and his Piggy, Primary Spokesperson Laura Shipp, have been involved with talks with establishment journalists to begin a smear campaign against Military Maniac. (How the two of them are still in the job at this time of crisis is beyond me).

Why, at this time of crisis, the JFC team are engaging in such a futile, childlike mission is frankly beyond Military Maniac. Indeed, one must ask, if the JFC have nothing to hide then why are they so fearful of MM’s search for the truth.

Loyal readers: I urge you not to be swayed by this cancer of lies and deceit at the heart of the military/media establishment. Military Maniac will always represent the people’s voices in the search for justice.


TELEGRAPH EXCLUSIVE: UK Typhoon Target Russian Assets

Matthew Simmons – Defence Correspondent

In a Telegraph Exclusive, this correspondent can reveal that there has been a blue-on-blue incident in Denmark. Whilst significant damage was done to key strategic Russian assets in the region, it is with regret that I inform you that a German and Danish plane have collided, with the whereabouts of the German pilot unknown. This information comes from senior figures within the MoD and should be verified in up-coming press releases.

This news comes after tensions have escalated within the region, as Russian forces have strangled evacuation efforts. Diplomatic efforts have been exhausted and RAF Typhoons have been running targeting bombing campaigns against Russian assets.

More to follow.

THE GUARDIAN: world peace at stake


Donald Trump has offered his support for a military intervention on Bornholm. Evacuation processes are ongoing and have managed to airlift 1500 people out of Bornholm. However, continuous Russian aggression has made this increasingly difficult. Russian efforts to stop the airlift of civilians can be deemed as an infringement on the Geneva Convention – obviously not the only breach of International Law that we are currently facing. The MoD officially confirmed that the UK is currently preparing a military response.

First casualties have been confirmed. We are all in deep concern.

Casualties in Bornholm

28.2.17 Miriam Perry.
A heart rendering end of the day. Confirmed casualties as Bornholm airport is surrounded.

At least two casualties have been confirmed  dead in Bornholm as fighting intensifies. We cannot at this time confirm the nationality of these casualties.

The Foreign Office has given a statement confirming that negotiations have been exhausted and all diplomatic engagements have been rebuffed. British Typhoon Jets swept over Bornholm, bombing in an attempt to deter the stoppages. Deputy Spokesperson Beaumont sought to assure the public that ‘before any attack is launched there is a full collateral damage assessment’ and that decisions will be based on the very highest level of assurance of the saftey of civilians.


Confusion still reigns over NATO’s plans. We are told ‘there are no boots on the ground’ and that military action is being planned, but it is clear that activity is underway. There are rumours of engagement with Danish reconnaissance aircrafts. At least one neighbouring power, Sweden, regards this as a regional threat so are preparing in the ‘appropriate manner’.



BLOGGER: Bornholm a “THEATRE OF WAR” according to Military Spokesperson.


I have received confirmed reports that military spokespeople are now referring to the situation in Bornholm as a “Theatre of War”. From my own military experience,  this means that ground troops are likely to follow. (Although this sort crude slip of the tongue is the kind of thing I have come to expect from the clowns at the JFC comms team, who seem to have only a child-like understanding of military combat. Either way, the situation is looking desperate, both for Bornholm and for the JFC communications team).

Meanwhile citizen journalists are now reporting that a village hall has been bombed. The village hall is said to be in flames. The airstrikes are thought to be Russian. Why are the UK military not stopping this crisis? And why did the UK military not stop this situation from escalating this badly in the first place?

This near humanitarian crisis is desperate state of affairs indeed and the JFC’s command team cannot absolve themselves of their (lion’s) share of the responsibility.



Military Maniac is sad to report that their is a cancer at the heart of the British military establishment. A cancer that has spread from it’s heart of the JFC to every limb of its communications team.

Today Military Maniac was official excluded from JFC briefings until further notice. This represents an attack on democracy and the values that the British people hold so dear. JFC bully Johnathan Bolland told MM that only ‘official regulated media sources’ were to be allowed in the most recent press briefing. I’m not sure what regulation he is referring to. Perhaps “regulated media sources”  is better read as “mainstream media establishment”.

Yet, Bolland’s commitment to ‘regulation’ wasn’t so fixed when, just moments later he offered MM the chance to attend briefings if he could work on the side of the JFC establishment. Unsurpisingly MM said no. I’m not sure if Bolland’s bosses knew he was doing this (I think it’s unlikely), but as you would expect, loyal readers, I refusde to be part of the establishment’s chompocracy and Bolland’s reign of corruption.

Military Maniac will always be the voice of the British people.

Indeed this episode raises the question: if this is how the UK establishment acts, would be under Russian occupation be so bad after all?


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