TELEGRAPH: Tension Rise in the Baltic as Russian Military Activity Escalates

By Matthew Simmons – Defence Correspondent for The Telegraph

An on-going dispute between Russia and Denmark, a NATO ally, took at turn for the worse today as MoD intelligence reports point to irregular maritime activity off the coast of Bornholm.

The Danish island has been the site of escalating tensions between the two nations for a week now, with the causes of the Dalniy Vostock fire remaining undetermined.

The increased aerial and maritime activity comes after the Danish Security Services refused access to Russian military inspection officers by their deadline of Friday 24th February. MoD intelligence suggests that there has been increased flights and Baltic Sea activity around Kaliningrad, with unconfirmed sightings of Russian vessels off the coast of Dueodde.

The island remains of key significance to Russian defence plans, due to its strategic position near Kalingrad and the ‘big port’ of St Petersburg. Indeed, there has been evidence that Russian military exercises have planned an invasion of Bornholm and, if recent history should inform us, they have been willing to annex foreign territories in the past.

Update//28th Feb 2017//14.57pm: The Telegraph has received information from a senior JFC official that “things are looking serious” in Bornholm. More to come on this as the afternoon progresses.


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