TELEGRAPH: “Increase in Severity” as JFC Confirm Cyber-Attack Originates in UK!

Matthew Simmons – Defence Correspondent

At the earlier news conference, JFC confirmed an earlier Telegraph Exclusive that there has indeed been a cyber-attack in Denmark.

The Telegraph can exclusively reveal that the cyber-attack originated from the UKRAINIAN EMBASSY WITHIN LONDON. Despite having no official confirmation from JFC, an MoD source has been quoted as saying “the attack is an attempt by Ukraine to force NATO’s hand”. As opposed as being a Russian attack, the infiltration and disruption has been caused by Ukraine in an attempt to escalate tensions in the region. Their reasoning behind this can only be speculated on at this moment in time.

In other developments, it was confirmed that there has been an “increase in severity”, however JFC remain united in urging calm, emphasising that diplomatic relations are still on-going. Thus far, a joint UK-German task force is evacuating residents as a precautionary measure. Despite reports that this is due to a shambolic response from the Danish government, JFC were calm in stating that UK participation in evacuation procedures was due to their enhanced experience. This comes as JFC confirmed that 50 Russian troops have taken over a NATO listening post. This has important strategic importance to NATO, as this facility detected the impending invasion of Czechoslovakia during the Cold War.

Finally, the Telegraph would like to report that JFC has given the MoD communications team a vote of confidence, in an environment which has proved to be incredibly challenging. My own experiences within these conferences has been, thus far, positive having received concise, relevant information from the MoD team.

More to follow.



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