BLOGGER: Discord and Disagreement: Military in Crisis?

As more news about the Bornholm situation comes in, it seems increasingly clear that the military establishment is in crisis, with rumours of scandal, disagreement and discord amongst the top brass.


Most of you will now know that Article V was activated by NATO earlier today with regards to the Bornholm crisis. I have now received information that this decision was far from unanimous, with France, one of NATO’s founding members, voting against activating the principle of ‘collective action’. Such discord has not been since the Iraq war, where the US/UK coalition failed to gain NATO approval for the invasion. It is not yet clear why France failed to vote in favour. Some analysts have speculated that this may part of Francis Holland’s desire to avoid decisive political action until after the forthcoming election. Indeed, Marine La Pen, who is almost certain to reach the final round of the Presidential  election has notoriously has close ties to the Kremlin. Perhaps more importantly, this blogger must ask what factors informed the UK government’s decision, given the PM’s recent commitment to reign-n the UK’s overseas military programmes.

Meanwhile at home, tensions appear to be increasingly high amongst the primary and secondary spokespeople of the JFC who regularly and very publicly jostle for power at JFC press conference. Indeed, at the most recent press conference, the Media Relations Officer, Johnathan Bolland had to be brought in to calm the situation. Whilst Bolland has denied the existence of any tensions, this is hard to believe, and this dispute threatens to undermine the cohesion of the JFC at this time of national crisis.




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