Committed to Bornholm: UK forces ready to act

Miriam Perry: Bornholms Stemme. 28.2.17
Pressed for details on the situation for our families on the ground, the military are ‘committed to Bornholm.’

UK Military Spokesperson, Laura Shipp, has confirmed that the 15 mile exclusion zone around Denmark has been breached. Article V has been passed and the UK government has ordered the JFC to increase readiness of vessels and air force.

In response to urgent and heartfelt questioning, Shipp stated, ‘We are committed to the people of Bornholm and their safety’. She went on to detail that they are ‘Not uncommitted to interventionary measures’ but that any and all action would be up to NATO military headquarters.thumbnail_img_20170228_154839803 Wing Commander P Beaumont added, they were ‘not in a position to speculate’ what form such an intervention could take.

This reassurance may be of the utmost importance. An unconfirmed source in Dueodde claims that, standing on the beach, they can see a Russian ship which looks to be landing. Three persons were said to be disembarking. I will be on Twitter- if you have imagery of this – DM the Bornholms Stemme immediately. Meanwhile our reporters are rushing to the scene. Stay tuned for more information.


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