Casualties in Bornholm

28.2.17 Miriam Perry.
A heart rendering end of the day. Confirmed casualties as Bornholm airport is surrounded.

At least two casualties have been confirmed  dead in Bornholm as fighting intensifies. We cannot at this time confirm the nationality of these casualties.

The Foreign Office has given a statement confirming that negotiations have been exhausted and all diplomatic engagements have been rebuffed. British Typhoon Jets swept over Bornholm, bombing in an attempt to deter the stoppages. Deputy Spokesperson Beaumont sought to assure the public that ‘before any attack is launched there is a full collateral damage assessment’ and that decisions will be based on the very highest level of assurance of the saftey of civilians.


Confusion still reigns over NATO’s plans. We are told ‘there are no boots on the ground’ and that military action is being planned, but it is clear that activity is underway. There are rumours of engagement with Danish reconnaissance aircrafts. At least one neighbouring power, Sweden, regards this as a regional threat so are preparing in the ‘appropriate manner’.




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