Calm Heads and Frantic Hearts: Rumour Article V triggered

  • Bornholms Stemme, 28.02.17

Miriam Perry, reporting from London.
Between press conferences, Perry reflects on what we know and what we hear. 

Suspected sightings of Russian military activity in Danish territories continue and rumour of the activation of Article V, the tract that deals with protection by NATO of collective defence, is spreading. It is expected that this will be the subject of an imminent Press Conference.

Earlier today at 15:00, following a meeting of COBRA, the UK Military held a press briefing to call for calm. Senior Spokesperson for Military, L Shipp, reiterated a message of reassurance; pressed for details Wing Commander P Beamont revealed that NATO Forces are ‘standing by’.

Your reporter on the ground demanded whether the crew of the Dalniy Vostok has been detained and whether families can consider themselves safe. Shipp’s team refused to be drawn and stated that this was a matter for the Danish Government.

What will this mean for families on the ground? Stay tuned Bornholm.




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