Bornholm Stemme: Shockwaves on the Sleepy Seaside

  • Bornholms Stemme, 28.02.17

Miriam Perry, reporting from London.
More used to reporting school plays and summer fairs, this writer finds herself called to the heart of London – reporting on military communiques and unfolding events in Bornholm:

Bornholm has always been on the Border Zone: the Fennoscandian Border Zone to be precise! As the tourist board proclaims, Bornholm occupies a ‘fault line between the granite bedrock in the north of the island, which was formed around 1.7 billion years ago, and the sandstone layer in the south of Bornholm, which is only around 500 million years old… stradd(ling) 1.2 billion years.’

Today Bornholm once again feels its place on the border. With its name spoken in the UN, and increased aerial and maritime activity, Bornholm recognises its historically uneasy place in the Baltic waters.

Locals sources are angry and upset at the lack of information on the ground. One local woman, 56, said- ‘No one is telling us anything! My daughter lives in Copenhagen. I don’t know whether to stay or leave’. Meanwhile, rumours are spreading that ‘a military-looking ship’ has been seen off the coast of Dueodde.

Well, Bornholm: stay tuned for more news from your correspondent in London.
Find me at the Bornholm Stemme mail, if you have a story that need to be told!


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