BLOGGER Bornholm Situation: early assessment

It will have escaped few people’s notice that the security situation in the Danish island of Bornholm seems to be worsening by the day, as diplomatic tensions between Russia and Denmark continue to escalate. Already we are hearing reports of irregular maritime activity  around the island’s coasts along with additional reports of overflights by Russian aircraft through the island’s airspace.

The situation remains volatile and difficult to monitor, but given recent Russian activity in Ukraine  2014 and in Georgia in 2008, these tensions are potentially significant. Bornholm has long been a strategic glint in the Kremlin’s eyes, and it’s difficult to believe that Russia’s actions are based on entirely benign intentions. Whilst no one knows how things will play out, one thing is clear: the post-Cold War Eurasian political situation might never be the same again

So far, the UK’s role in this situation is uncertain. As a NATO ally, the UK has a clear commitment to offer the Danish government support in the event of a  military crisis. As recently as January of this year, Theresa May affirmed her commitment to NATO, but following the recent Brexit vote and the US election, the political landscape seems far from certain.

For now that’s all the information I’ve got, but I’ll try and keep you updated as the situation becomes clearer.



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