Blogger: the chumocracy and the failings of the British military/media establishment.

Readers. For decades the military has seen itself as outside of ‘the establishment’, independent of the political and media elites who have been recently been so strongly rejected by the British and American people. I am sad to tell you, loyal followers that this is no longer the case (and has not been for several years). As many of you will know, Military Maniac is committed only to one thing and one thing only: the truth. The public must have full knowledge of the workings of the government and its agencies for these actors to be held to account. Yet, the military establishment is part of the same elite club that caused the financial crash. The same elite club that gave sovereignty of UK laws to Brussels. The same elite groups that mean your children can’t get on the housing ladder. This became clear to me today when I found out the JFC press-team is now passing information to mainstream media outlets, whilst purposely excluding information from Military Maniac and other smaller publications as part of efforts to prevent the truth being revealed. The military situation in Bornholm is a disaster and tthe military command are now part of the same chumocracy inhabited by mainstream media (I’m looking at you ‘The Telegraph’) who are preventing the truth being revealed.


This is not only a betrayal of you loyal readers, but a betrayal of the British public, our braved armed forces, a most of all of the good name of the United Kingdom.. For as long as the establishment controls the flow of information, then the truth cannot be revealed and democracy cannot be maintained.


Fear not, for as long as this is the case Military Maniac will keep digging, writing, reporting and most of all, uncovering the truth.



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