BLOGGER Crisis on Bornholm: Military officials in disarray as evacuation in shambles.

Military Maniac can exclusively reveal that Russian military presence continues to intensify on Bornholm, whilst evacuation efforts are in disarray.

I can confirm that reliable sources have observed the presence of Russian landing craft arriving on Bornholm, bringing with them approximately 50 Russian “Marine-grade” soldiers. Troops have taken strategic positions around the Dueodde peninsula (including the strategic “listening station, previously used to detect the impending invasion of Czechoslovakia during the Cold War) and have been provided with vehicles, which are potential moving towards town of Nexo.

Meanwhile, reports are circulating that on-going “operational challenges” mean that the Danish government are unable to evacuate citizens. Instead, UK and German transport aircraft have been requisitioned with the aim of airlifting islanders to mainland Denmark sites. Amidst the chaos, local news services on Bornholm are advising islanders to travel to Bornholm Airport for evacuation. This plan has been approached by COBRA, the JFC and the German Strategic Command. Whilst this suggest that there is perhaps finally some cohesion in the management of this situation, MM can exclusively reveal that he has seen official emails detailing conflicts between the JFC’s intelligence officer Ben Curtis and senior JFC officials. Curtis has been reprimanded for revealing classified information. As far as MM is concerned, Curtis has acted in this country’s best interests! Thanks Ben.





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