BLOGGER: Chaos amongst senior JFC command as Danish military hit by Cyber Hack.

Readers. Never in my 25 years as a UK Army officer did I witness a military press-conference as chaotic as the one I just attended. Led by the JFC’s senior press spokespeople and flanked by media relations officer, Johnathan Bolland, the JFC’s media liaison team failed to provide the public with the information they so sorely deserve.

Whilst confirming Military Maniac’s (and others’) reports that Russian troops have landed on Bornholm, the press team failed to answer urgent questions surrounding NATO’s response to Russian aggression. Indeed, when asked about whether the JFC press team had considered that this might mark the beginning of a larger scale Russian invasion of Scandinavia (as MM has previously suggested), the press spokespeople were silent. The press conference also confirmed MM’s previous reports announcing that the UK and German governments are leading the evacuation effort but could give little information as to why this was the case, nor as to where citizens are being evacuated too. Given the UK government’s recently atrocious record on managing the refugee crisis, this situation is deeply unsettling.

But perhaps the biggest blunder came when the JFC team were asked about reports of a potential Russian led cyber-attack against the Danish military. Instead of it appearing that the spokes team were withholding information, it seemed that they were hearing this news for the first time, despite the fact that this blogger informed them that it was being widely reported on within the Danish media. Military Manic must ask where the JFC have been for the last day, and which sand they have been putting their heads in (for it is defiantly not on the beaches of Bornholm). After much confusion, the spokesteam finally confirmed the attack but refused to provide any information as to how the situation would be resolved, nor as to the nature of potential threats to the UK’s military cyber infrastructure.

As far as Military Maniac is confirmed, it is not clear right now where the situation is more chaotic: in Bornholm or at the JFC.







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