Readers. I can now confirm that the Russian Airforce and Navy have already breached the official 15 mile exclusion zone around the Danish island of Bornholm. This comes mere moments after the exclusion zone was officially announced by the UK’s JFC at 15:30 today.
So far, there have been confirmed sightings of of a flotilla of 7 Russian cruisers and destroyers slipping port in Kaliningrad at 15.00. It is estimated that they should arrive at Bornholm by 5pm GMT.
At present, all signs point to a Russian land invasion.
Whilst there is speculation that this might be to recover the stricken trawler, given Russia’s historical strategic interest in the region, it is possible that this also marks the beginning of a full scale Russian invasion of Scandinavia.
UK forces are being prepared for action. Typhoons have now been scrambled and the Royal Marines have been put on high readiness.
More news as it comes.

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