BLOGGER: Bornholm crisis: JFC threaten press freedom whilst Russian invasion confirmed.

Followers. Despite official confirmation of a Russian led invasion of Bornholm, the JFC’s senior command appear more interested in conflict with the media than with the Kremlin. Indeed, at a recent press conference Primary Spokesperson Laura Shipp appeared more concerned with controlling the flow of ‘unverified information’ than with providing news about the UK’s role in the Bornhom crisis. Despite claims of maintaining ‘professionalism’, Shipp’s demeanor proved more threatening to the assembled press team than that of even the most fearsome Russian infantryman.

Fear not, loyal followers. Military Maniac will always be here to provide you with up to date, reliable information, free from the shackles of establishment interference. As you know, I am a firm believer that, if military action is to be carried out in the public’s name, and is to threaten the safety of it’s brave armed service men and women, then the public must remain fully informed at all times.

Meanwhile, the JFC has now confirmed Military Maniac’s earlier reporting of Russian boat sightings within the 15 mile exclusion zone. This action is officially being treated as ‘aggressive’ and the JFC has announced that it is to take a proactive role in the situation. Typically, the media spokespeople  not only failed to outline what  ‘proactive role’ might involve, but were also reluctant to give any guidance as to how the (rightly) fearful population of Bornholm should act. The lack of guidance for the local population is unsurprising given previous reports surrounding the failure of leadership amongst both NATO and the JFC’s top command.

Your faithful friend.




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