BLOGGER: Bornholm a “THEATRE OF WAR” according to Military Spokesperson.


I have received confirmed reports that military spokespeople are now referring to the situation in Bornholm as a “Theatre of War”. From my own military experience,  this means that ground troops are likely to follow. (Although this sort crude slip of the tongue is the kind of thing I have come to expect from the clowns at the JFC comms team, who seem to have only a child-like understanding of military combat. Either way, the situation is looking desperate, both for Bornholm and for the JFC communications team).

Meanwhile citizen journalists are now reporting that a village hall has been bombed. The village hall is said to be in flames. The airstrikes are thought to be Russian. Why are the UK military not stopping this crisis? And why did the UK military not stop this situation from escalating this badly in the first place?

This near humanitarian crisis is desperate state of affairs indeed and the JFC’s command team cannot absolve themselves of their (lion’s) share of the responsibility.



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