BLOGGER: Article 5 Activated!

Loyal readers of this blog will know that I am always reluctant to publish material without secondary confirmations but during times of national crisis I am willing to make an exception in the name of democracy and the public need. What the dishonest mainstream media won’t tell you, I will.

I received news from a reliable source that Article 5 was activated by NATO’s council earlier this morning. As fellow military-junkies will know, Article 5 is the cornerstone of the NATO military alliance and states that if one NATO member state is attacked other state’s will join forces to retaliate through the principle of collective defence. Whilst the activation of article 5 doesn’t necessarily mandate NATO states to use armed force, it does promise that states will  take “such action as it deems necessary” to restore and maintain security. For the UK military, what awaits to be seen is whether the PM will but her money where her mouth is in her recent commitment to NATO. Whilst this morning’s JFC  press-conference sought to reassure the public that intervention was not imminent, the situation seems to be escalating rapidly and UK military action seems increasingly likely.

More news when I get it.



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