MoD Statement

The Ministry of Defence can confirm that Primary Spokesperson Laura Shipp and Media Relations Officer Jonathan Bolland have resigned from their respective positions within the United Kingdom Government.

Peter Beaumont will assume the position of Primary Spokesperson and Dr Alasdair Pinkerton will assume the role of Media Relations Officer effective immediately.


THE GUARDIAN: Spokesperson resigns

Changes in personnel are undermining the work of the British military. The primary spokesperson as well as the Media Relations officer will be reassigned to new positions due to incriminating deal making reported by the Telegraph.


More to follow.



Military Maniac has received reliable reports that an RAF mission has killed up to 100 civilian casualties in Bornholm.

Earlier today, RAF planes launched a sortie of two Brimstone missile at a Cold War listening station used by residents for shelter, mistaking it for a Russian installment.

Up to 100 local residents are thought to have been killed.


This is a deeply saddening situation.


MoD Statement

The Ministry of Defence can confirm that a Cold War military installation was mistaken for a Russian-acquired site. The RAF released a sortie of two Brimstones Missiles against the Dueodde Listening Station. We now understand this site was not in Russian possession but was being used as a secure shelter for up to 100 local residents of Bornholm.

This is a dark day for the RAF and the UK military.

Bornholm’s Bravest Put Themselves on the Line for Many Civilian Casualties

Miriam Perry 28.2.17
Readers: how can we help those suffering on the Bornholm? How can we reach out to our neighbours and be at our best at this time? 
Dear Readers, I am horrified and distraught to relate that one of our most reliable voices on the ground, Bjarne Hansen, of the Dueodde Emergency Services, has been badly injured in this second round of airstrikes. My colleagues on the ground report that there are many more civilian casualties than have been official announced.
Editor of the Bornholm Stemme reports,  “A hospital near Duodde has just been evacuated with the help of local citizens…people are fleeing to the north of the island…just packing a rucksack and walking north. It’s mayhem here.”

Readers: I urge you to reach out via the Go Fund Me page below to ensure people can live with dignity while displaced; meanwhile Swedish friends are opening their homes to our stranded people. Do what you can, be kind, be brave.

TELEGRAPH EXCLUSIVE: Bornholm in the Middle of Bombing Campaign

Matthew Simmons – Defence Correspondent

This journalist can reveal that Russian mortar campaigns have been responsible for civilian casualties in Bornholm. Although the MoD cannot confirm how many people have died, they believe that Russia is to blame. Furthermore, confidential MoD sources have informed me that a cyber attack was the cause of the ‘friendly fire’ incident, so perhaps it was not so ‘blue-on-blue’ after all.

Furthermore, The Telegraph can reveal that there have been extensive civilian casualties within the region, however this is unknown whether this has been caused by Russian or RAF Typhoons.

More to follow.



MoD Statement

The Ministry of Defence can confirm that Russian aircraft are operating in Bornholm airspace. These aircraft are known to be engaged in targeting Danish assets in Bornholm and are as such considered aggressors.

A coalition of aircraft under NATO command are authorised to engage and destroy these aircraft as part of the ongoing campaign against Russia in Bornholm.

MoD Statement

It is with huge regret that we can confirm that there have been confirmed civilian casualties, though at this stage we can not confirm who is responsible for this.

Russia continues to mortar bomb as part of an extremely aggressive campaign.

Cyber attacks are ongoing but UK cyber networks remain unaffected.

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